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Driver will be charged after he leaves hospital for hitting pedestrian & ditching into drain

The vehicle rests in the drain.

Police will lay charges against a driver once he leaves hospital after his vehicle encountered mechanical problem — lost control—hit a female pedestrian before ditching into a drain on Tuesday.

The accident occurred at the junction between Bishop Epalle School, Ngossi and Tavio.

Deputy Director at the National Traffic Department Inspector Doreen Vaea says the incident occurred whilst a white tipper truck registration number MC7016 was travelling down the Ngossi road and it approached the Bishop Epalle Junction road it got into mechanical problem and ran off the main road and ditched into the left side drain of the junction.


Vaea said whilst the vehicle was encountering mechanical problem on its way toward the junction it also hit a female pedestrian who fell into the drain.  

“Luckily the female pedestrian survived the hit,” Vaea adds

Police were alerted and attended to the scene but the victim and the accused were already transported to National Referral Hospital.

Vaea said an investigation team from the Traffic Department visited the victims at the National Referral Hospital and confirmed the condition of all the three people were stable.

The female pedestrian had already been discharged whilst the driver of the vehicle and the passenger were still at the Hospital for further medical treatment.

She said investigation into this matter is in progress and the driver of the vehicle will be dealt with after he recovers and discharge from the hospital.

She urges vehicle owners and drivers to always adhere to the rules and regulations of the Road Traffic Act.

“They are there to safe guard us. When your vehicle is not of road worthy, it should not be out on the road running. It is very dangerous to be on the road because it can result to such incidences that can cost innocents lives of pedestrian or others using the road,” said Vaea.

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