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Decline in COVID cases means country gone past peak of community transmission

Dr Togamana/
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Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana says daily decline of COVID-19 cases meaning that the whole country has gone past the peak of community transmission.

The community transmission of the delta-variant started in Honiara in January before it was detected in the provinces, Malaita being the first.

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Speaking last night at his twice a week COVID-19 Update, Togamana said: “We thank God that our COVID-19 situation continues to improve including in our rural communities and locations.”

He said many of these communities did not manage to get tested for COVID, but have reportedly recovered from COVID-19 symptoms.

Togamana said: “Our daily data shows continuous decline of COVID-19 cases, which could only mean that our country as a whole has gone past the peak of the community transmission outbreak.” However, he added, there are communities that have either tested positive for COVID-19 or reported of COVID-19 like symptoms in the past days and weeks.

“This means the virus is still transmitting in our communities. So while the cases are showing downward trend overall, let’s not let our guards down as but continue to uphold and practice the public health measures and protocols,” he said.

Meanwhile, in terms of hospitalization; 14 people had been admitted for COVID-19 as per reports received yesterday.

Of the 14 people admitted, three (3) are at the NRH in Honiara, three (3) at Kilufi and eight (8) at the Gizo hospital, Western Province.

Togamana said from the 14 cases, two (2) are considered to be in critical condition requiring oxygen, 4 cases are severe and the remaining 8 are all moderate condition that do not require oxygen.

“No COVID-19 related hospitalized cases had been received from the rest of the Provinces nor from the rest of health facilities across the country,” he said.

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