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Commissioner of Lands pursuing allegations of fraudulent land dealings

COL Mcneil
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Following on from the Court of Appeal win last week, the Commissioner of Lands Alan McNeil is pursuing investigations into fraudulent land dealings.

“The court judgements found evidence of fraud in certain correspondence, and I am seeking legal advice regarding any further action we can take to seek justice and hammer home the message that fraud will not be tolerated at the Ministry of Lands” Commissioner McNeil said.

McNeil further explained that he is waiting for several other alleged fraud cases to be investigated by the Police.

“Dating back as far as 2020, I have made a total of seven written complaints to the RSIPF about alleged fraud in land dealings, but RSIPF is yet to complete investigating any of these cases. I won’t go into details on these complaints because that’s all they are at this stage, but they include alleged forged signatures on letters and instruments, and fraudulent alteration of postal envelopes, and I have already provided ample evidence to the RSIPF.”

McNeil said. “In some cases, I have voice recordings of people admitting to fraud, and people have made statements to the Police supporting my complaints” Mr McNeil added.

Commissioner McNeil said he has followed up regularly over the years with the RSIPF regarding these matters, including personally meeting the Commissioner of Police and senior officers and copying in the Ombudsman’s office in emails for information. “I remain hopeful that these complaints will be properly investigated and arrests made, given the weight of evidence I have provided to the Police” McNeil said.


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