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City residents told to practice healthy lifestyle amid NCDs rise

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HONIARA, 31st MAY 2022. HONIARA City residents have been urged to practice a healthy lifestyle, given the current rise of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Solomon Islands.

Honiara City Council’s (HCC’s) Chairman for Health Division, Reginald Ngati reiterated the famous call following a dialogue with his heads of health administration recently.

Cr Ngati said what he was told by Doctors and nurses in Honiara City clinics in terms of the dangers and the rate of NCD infections in Honiara alone is scary.

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While the country is currently having concerns about the deadly Covid-19, people must also learn to watch what they consume, he stated.

“NCDs’ are the number one killer even before the Covid-19 was discovered.

“Therefore, I wish to call all residents in Honiara City to always be cautious with what they eat daily,” the Vura Ward Councillor added.

Cr Ngati further stated that Honiara is a highly populated location and it is also where most imported food items are sold.

It is also where most cases of NCDs’ are being detected, for the last two decades, said the HCC Health Chairman.

“Having said that, it is very important that people must involve in sports or daily exercises.

“There is no doubt that daily exercises are good for one’s health.

“I wish to urge Honiara residents to involve in sports and also try to at least spend 30 minutes of walk daily,” Cr Ngati said.

The Councillor said involving in exercises means one must also learn how to eat the right diet.


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