Home News Chachabule invests 700k in CDF to advance ‘Gospel’ in Marovo

Chachabule invests 700k in CDF to advance ‘Gospel’ in Marovo

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Government through the Member of Parliament (MP) for Marovo Constituency Honourable Chachabule Amoi has invested $700 thousand from its Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation by purchasing eight Out Boat Motor engines (OBMs) to support and enhance the work of churches in his constituency.

Recipients of the eight DF70hp Suzuki 4 stroke OBMs include five (5) Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Districts and three (3) United Church circuits in Marovo. 

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“I am happy to present to the churches these OBMs, for the enhancement of the Gospel in Marovo while we prepare for Christ’s soon return,” Hon. Chachabule said in a small but very significant handover ceremony to representatives from both churches in Honiara on Thursday 25 May 2023.

He said his constituency office has recognized the important contribution these churches have played in establishing the spiritual nourishment and unity amongst constituents especially in Marovo constituency.

“…I on behalf of my Constituency Development Committee (CDC), we believe that such unity is an ingredient for success in terms of socio-economic development in our constituency,” he said.

He urged the churches to take good care of the assets and make sure they serve their intended purpose.

Meanwhile, Constituency Development Officer (CDO) Tyson Stanley Ghera thanked leaders and reps from both churches, officials from the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), constituents and guest who are part of the handover program.

Mr Ghera further reiterated that Marovo Constituency Office (MCO) under the leadership of MP Chachabule recognized the contribution of churches in the constituency not only on the spiritual nourishment but also for bringing unity inside the constituency.

He revealed that for the last 3 years, MCO has spent over $2 million dollars to churches under its religion support program especially in terms of materials, logistics, boats & OMBs, church activities/programs and other church related programs to name a few.

“It is our commitment and we will continue to support our churches to enhance the Gospel of God in Marovo while we waiting for the soon return of our God,” Ghera said.

He said for now, the constituency provided OBMs whilst the receiving churches will cater for boats – a partnership between the constituency and churches.

“This assistance is an ongoing support of MCO to development and improvement of livelihood in the constituency and we believe these OMBs will boost church work in our Marovo constituency,” he said.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) Pastor Clifton Mark acknowledged MP Chachabule for the OBMs that were given to the churches in Marovo.

He expressed that the gifts are like manna fall from heaven. Because the churches spent no penny on their purchase.

“God provided manna for the children of Israel for 40 years. And his afternoon on behalf of SDA we would like to thank MP Chachabule for rendering this support to help the work of churches in Marovo to advance and enhance the work of Gospel in Marovo lagoon preparing people for the coming of Jesus Christ.  This will help our people to move with the gospel message. To help us (people) to grow spiritually and in unity as we prepare for the coming of Jesus,” Pr Mark emphasized.

He also acknowledged the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) through the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) for the assistance channelled through Marovo constituency that enabled them to procure the assets purposely for these churches.

“While we use these OBMs, let us praise God, for He is the one who provide it through SIG and through our MP to advance His work.”

He then assured MCO that the OBMs allocated to SDA churches will be recorded in the church asset registry to ensure they remain the property of the church.

Also acknowledging MP Chachabule for the generous support on behalf of the United Churches in Marovo was Reverend Lauren Hapa.

He said the support provided by government through MP Chachabule and to the churches are profound, adding that investing in such worthy course to boost God’s work is ever more important.

“May God continue to bless your life and leadership as you continue to support and give your heart to your people in Marovo,”Rev Hapa told MP Chachabule.

He said Hon. Chachabule is one of the many MPs in the country that are very supportive to church development programs in his constituency.

Marovo SDA Churches Representative Pastor Maebule Tome also recognized SIG through MP Chachabule for the support of OMBs.

“As the theme for SDA church for this year stated, “I will go to my neighbour” so, I believe these OBMs will enhance our work and enable us to reach out to our neighbours and families with the gospel of Jesus Christ, since Marovo is scattered by sea and islands.

“Thank you for these gifts and as the steward of God we will look after them to enhance His work,” Pr Tome assured.

A dedication prayer over the OBMs was conducted by Pastor Vince David of the SDA church.

The OMBs were procured from Lee Kwok Kuen Company.

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