Home News CDF Act 2023 Awareness in Reef Islands draws almost 700 people  

CDF Act 2023 Awareness in Reef Islands draws almost 700 people  

Part of the crowd that attended the CDF awareness program in Reef Islands, Nopali village.
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Over 660 people of Reef Islands, Temotu Pele Constituency attended a one-day informative awareness session on the new Constituency Development Funds (CDF) Act 2023 conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) at Nopali village on Lomlom Island, Thursday 22nd February 2024.

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This was the biggest awareness so far with a huge turnout compared to MRD’s previous awareness programs.

The awareness was part of the ministry’s nationwide outreach program to educate rural people and citizens on the new CDF Act 2023.

The occasion pulled together people from various communities of the six wards within the Pele constituency.

It was a successful awareness as the MRD team walked the sizeable crowd through the practices of CDF under the old Act and major changes in the new Act.

Officer in-charge (OIC) of Manuopo Police Post in Reef Islands, James Lapoe while acknowledging the MRD team said that he was very happy to be part of the awareness program.

He said educating our rural people about such Act especially the CDF Act 2023 is not only important but guaranteeing our rural people understand it and informed on its content and requirements is paramount.

Officer Lapoe also thanked the MRD awareness team for reaching out to them despite the remoteness of Reef Islands.

“This awareness has cleared some of our doubts and queries. So, thank you so much for coming down to us and educating our people about this important Act.

“Ensuring our rural people informed on the Act’s requirement is very important,” he said.

Mr Lapoe also called on the law-abiding people of Reef Islands to always comply with the requirements of the Act to avoid such consequences.

Meanwhile, a retired Senior Public Servant, Solomon Palusi while recognizing the MRD team acknowledged the new CDF Act 2023.

He also thanked MRD for the efforts toward the Act which is now in full force and at the same time congratulated MRD for the achievement.

“Thank you very much for your work. You did very well, and you did it for the good of the country and our people,” Mr Palusi said.

He also appealed to people of Reef Islands to always follow the rule and comply with the Act’s requirement in order to avoid such consequences.

Director Rural Development Division of MRD Milfred Delemani also thanked everyone who turned up for making the program a success.

He said MRD as the ministry responsible for rural development will continue to work diligently with communities across the country to guarantee government services reach our rural areas and accessible to our rural dwellers.

At the same time, he reiterated while the ministry (MRD) recognizes the fact that the CDF Act 2023 will not solve many of the underlying development challenges that our country faces, the new law provides a platform for the proper governance of the CDF program as a potential tool among many, to roll out development in the rural communities.

The Director recognized UNDP and the Solomon Islands Government for funding the awareness program.


MRD awareness team to Reef Islands consist of Director RDD Mr. Milfred Delemani, Deputy Director RDD George Balairamo, Legal Officer Diana Alasia and Director Communication & Public Relations Mr. Stephen Diisango.

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