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Leong makes life saving help to NRH with surgical gauze

Long, left, presents surgical gauze to Dr Itaku and staff at NRH today
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Local businessman Michael Leong today delivered much needed surgical gauze to the National Referral Hospital enabling it to carry out surgeries which had been put on emergencies only.

His intervention with the support of Solomon Airlines would save many lives as surgical gauze was rushed to the hospital after its arrival today from Fiji.

Solomon Airlines arriving back from Fiji brought with it 17 cartons of the very much needed surgical gauze.

It was just a few weeks ago when the ongoing shortage of medical supplies was highlighted which triggered help from Leong; Managing Director of Super Construction Group Limited

Today, Leong handed over the Medical Supplies to Dr Jason Itaku and staff in the Medical Ward at NRH.

Leong said hopefully his contribution would help the staff to perform their work to help their patients and that “this is his way to give back to our people of Solomon Islands.”

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Leong hopes that the Ministry of Health and Medical Services would be able to sort this issue of medical supplies soon thus any such help from the private sector or outside is encouraged.

Surgeries at the NRH has been put on Emergencies only thus no elective surgery is carried out because of lack of surgical gauze whilst dressings in the clinics have been done with rationing procedures.

The arrival of the surgical gauze should now now ables patients to get decent treatment for the next few weeks until the ordered supplies arrive.

The hospital thanked Leong and Super Construction Group Limited for organizing these much-needed Medical Supplies and also the CEO of Solomon Airlines Mr Sean Te’o along with the Chairman of the Solomon Airlines Mr Frank Wickham for coordinating the transport of these supplies from Nadi to Honiara.

This has been a project triggered by an urgent need driven by heartfelt individuals who cannot just wait and watch when our people are in need.

This is the not first time that Leong has support the NRH, during COVID 19 he also paid food for NRH when patients had no food.

Gauze gauze are disposable medical supplies commonly used in medicine and surgery. They are ordinarily made of gauze and are used to absorb blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds. Common sizes include 5 cm × 5 cm, 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm, and 10 cm × by 10cm

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