2024 Joint Election Walk awareness program today
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Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) held a one-day public awareness with the theme “Joint Elections 2024 Electoral Walk” which brings the attention of the public to the official commencement of the 56-day countdown election timeline.

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The Walk was held two days after the proclamations, that is, Friday, February 23, 2024.

The Electoral Walk is a key awareness event that helps bring the focus of all eligible voters of Solomon Islands to exercising their constitutional and lawful rights to vote and choose their representations in the parliament and the provincial assembly or Honiara City Council (HCC).

Chairlady and Commissioner Solomon Islands Electoral Commission when delivering her keynote address stated that this historic JOINT ELECTION is not just about registered voters and those who are eligible to cast their two ballot papers.

“This JOINT ELECTION is about all of us and all of you.

“You as a citizen and registered voter, will have that POWER in your hands when you walk into that polling booth.

“You will have double what you usually had in previous general elections.

“This time and at the same moment as you choose your parliamentary member from your constituency, you will also have an opinion on who should sit in your provincial assembly member OR in the Honiara City Council,” she added.

She further encouraged the eligible voters to use their power with wisdom and responsibility. “Value it as you cast two votes.”

“My message to young people is to come out now and say it to all of us about what your dreams are. Turn up on April 17, tell your friends and you all turn up

“We at the commission with the support of the Police, the stakeholders, and even election observers, will ensure that you exercise your rights,” she added.

On that same note, Chief Electoral Officer Jasper Highwood Anisi in his speech appeals to candidates, political parties, and the people to respect the democratic rights of each other and respect the electoral processes as the electoral commission helps bring to them the 2024 Joint Election.

He also thanked civil society, and bodies representing People with Disabilities, Solomon

first-time voters, for coming out to join us in this WALK for the 2024 Joint Election yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands His Excellency Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Andrew Schloeffel, and High Commissioner of Aotearoa New Zealand to Solomon Islands His Excellency Mr. Jonathan Schwass affirmed their support towards the Joint Election preparation and into the polling day.

Chief Technical Advisor UNDP Election Project Strengthening Electoral Cycle Mr. Michael Burke also shared the same sentiments.

CEO Jasper Highwood Anisi acknowledges and appreciates the support of the Government, Aid Donors, and other relevant stakeholders for their tireless efforts in supporting the SIEC in its efforts to deliver better election services to people.

“For now, we will continue with the task of educating our people on the important

subject of the election, particularly on the changes of the 2024 April Joint Election,” he added.


The 2024 Joint Election Walk was graced by the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, High Commissioner of Aotearoa New Zealand to Solomon Islands, and Chief Technical Advisor UNDP Election Project Strengthening Electoral Cycle

A mock voting and outreach session was also done for the schools that participated in the 2024 Joint Election Walk yesterday.

For Election Happenings, follow SIEO’s Facebook @SIelectoralcommission page and website on www.siec.gov.sb Or for general inquiries, you can call the office hotline phone on 7222200 or landline 21198.


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