L-R Solomon Islands Hon Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi with Novoshield President Jason Zanatta. Photo Jai Sharma
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NovoShield President Mr. Jason Zanatta discusses about Level 3 masks with CG Dwivedi. Photo Jai Sharma.
NovoShield President Mr. Jason Zanatta discusses about Level 3 masks with CG Dwivedi. Photo Jai Sharma.

Vancouver, Canada: A Canadian Company is sending medical grade, Level 3, three-layer masks to Solomon Islands to assist the Island nation with its fight against a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Solomon Islands had escaped Covid-19 through community transmission until recently which has spread widely across many parts of the Island nation. Solomon Islands health authorities this week have said that lab testing of samples confirms that the Corona Virus in the country is that of the deadly Delta Variant.

Novoshield, a British Columbia, Canada based company has come to the rescue by donating to the Solomon Islands Consulate General in Canada, 25,200 Level 3 medical grade three layer masks, to be sent to Solomon Islands. Additional 500 N-95 masks are specifically being made available to support officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force [ RSIPF].

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These level 3, three-layer medical masks are all produced in Canada and carry a seal of approval from Canada’s Health Ministry, Health Canada. These masks are tested for splash resistance, synthetic blood resistance and have a rating of over 98 percent. 

In an effort to support the members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force[RSIPF] 5,000 masks are specifically made available for the RSIPF at the request of the country’s envoy to Canada, Honorary Consul – General Ashwant Dwivedi. In addition, 500 N-95 masks are also being made available to RSIPF.

NovoShield President Mr. Jason Zanatta said that he is pleased to stand with the people of Solomon Islands in these challenging times.

“I and my team here at Novoshield are pleased to extend these supplies of Level 3 medical three-layer masks to help support the people of Solomon Islands in their fight against COVID-19,” Mr. Zanatta said.

“At the minimum we would like to commit to an immediate donation, and we look forward to being of assistance in the very near future,” Mr. Zanatta said.

Accepting the medical supplies, Hon. Consul General Dwivedi thanked Novoshield President Mr. Jason Zanatta for responding to the call for urgent and immediate assistance.

Speaking today at the event at Novoshield’s operations office, Mr. Dwivedi said that Solomon Islands economy is devastated as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Solomon Islands is at War. War with Covid-19 pandemic. Its first casualty even before community transmission, was its tourism sector, which has had its doors shut since COVID-19 first made its first appearance in 2020. A nation that was supported by the tourism sector, beaches that would have footprints left behind by tourists are today left unattended, untouched. We are badly impacted through loss of unfortunate lives and revenue due to COVID-19,” Mr. Dwivedi said. 

“We can always recover the loss in revenue in the near future. However, the loss of lives, loss of fathers, uncles, aunties, or someone dear in community or family is something we cannot replace. It is difficult times like this when friendship counts. And today’s support from Novoshield tells us that although we may be 9,000 miles apart in distance, we remain one family. One strong commonwealth family,” Mr. Dwivedi said. 

“The young nation, we call the Pacific paradise which stood on guard in the Second World War to bring peace and prosperity to the international community, today needs all the help it can get from Canadians. We are one family. One strong family. Today’s assistance will go a long way. Thank you, Tumas Novoshield, Jason, and employees. We are together in this fight against COVID-19” Mr. Dwivedi said.

“It’s citizens like Jason and companies like Novoshield who make Canadians proud. And I take the renewed opportunity to thank you on-behalf of the people of Solomon Islands for your kind donation,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

Mr. Dwivedi said that the level 3 medical three-layer masks are a seal of confidence which will assist the first responders and all others in need.

“These made in Canada masks will also provide added confidence to our police force and medical professionals in their fight against COVID-19. This is a timely response to my call for assistance and I thank NovoShield for the kind donation,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

Based on Government of Canada information, the donated medical masks are similar to those widely used by Canadian and international medical professionals and carry the highest ratings as it has three-layer protection instead of one layer or two layers. It has a viral efficiency rate of 99 percent, as certified by Canada’s Ministry of Health.

The donated Level 3 mask is highest rated for medical and surgical face masks. This mask features an adjustable metal nose piece and non-latex ear loops for easy wearing and added comfort. The largest study of masks yet details their importance in fighting COVID-19 and emphasizes the value of choosing a surgical mask.

Solomon Islands as of February 17, 2022, is reported to have had 74 COVID related deaths just alone. There were 522 reported cases in just the past 24 hours. The total number of cases since COVID was first detected is reported to be 5565 among which 1216 COVID patients have recovered.



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