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A rare job but Sale loves his work as a bag carrier

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Sale relaxes as he tells his story to SBMOnline.

It maybe the most extra ordinary work—but Allen Sale loves his job—as a bag carrier at the Central Market using his talent to earn a living.

Sale is the human machine as described by some of his clients. His job is to carry market bags for sale into market or from the market into waiting vehicles.

“I love my job. It gives me enough money to survive,” he said.

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Sale is a popular face at the Central Market especially amongst Guadalcanal marketers who use him to lift their bags from their vehicles into the market or into customers’ vehicles.

Each day he lifts between 50 to 70 bags and multiple that by $10, it gives you how much Allen earns a day.

“It depends. But I earn around 500 to 700 dollars a day,” Sale told SBMOnline.

Sale has been on the job for three years now and it has given him enough money to build a new home for himself and support his parents.

“I now own a house with proper toilets fitted onto it and my parents are getting the support they need from me,” he told SBMOnline.

“I am happy and my clients are happy,” he said.

Sale said at times his clients have to pick him up at his place at Kolaridge to help them with their market produce.

He recalled that he started carrying by helping to lift fish for the Lau people who used to sell them at the market but since ships stopped coming he had shifted to help Guadalcanal vendors until this day.

“I stay around the market (especially near where bags of cassava and potatoes are sold) to help my clients move their produces either into the market or into vehicles,”

“Currently I am happy. My clients are happy,” said Sale who comes from Dala area, West Kwara’ae, in Malaita Province.

He said a lot of people look for expensive jobs but for him the job fits him and important it’s how you love your job.

“I love my job and doing it honestly. I am satisfied,” he said.

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