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4 Solomon Islanders granted work permit extension with provision to apply for PR in Canada

Mr Ashwant Dwivedi Chairman of CITREC outside the National Parliament of Canada during his recent meetings with Canadian Government officials. Photo: Communication Division, Ottawa.
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CANADA: CANADA’S Department of Immigration and Citizenship has granted additional Solomon Islands nationals extension of work permit with provision for them to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency while they remain and work in Canada.

SBM understands that they are all from East Are’Are Constituency and are employed in Canada under the Agriculture program. Communications and Public Relation’s office of CITREC in Canada said that an official statement will be made with reference to the recent extension of permits in the coming days.

It is believed that under Canada’s new policy announcement Solomon Islands nationals who are in Canada under the Agriculture seasonal worker program are eligible to apply and be considered for Canadian Permanent Residency. Additional details on the success of the 4 workers to obtain extension on work permits and eligibility for permanent residency will be made available on SBM .

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Canada has been leading the pathway for Solomon Islands nationals in rewarding the seasonal workers with Permanent Residency. No other country has been able to introduce similar opportunities.

As earlier reported by SBM nursing opportunities for Solomon Islands nurses are also likely to be introduced soon as Canada is seeking to hire many nurses to support its Health care workforce.

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