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13 bills now before the AG Chambers

AG Muria
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Thirteen bills are currently being refined at the Attorney General’s Office.

These bills include the Customs and Excise (Amendment and Validation) Bill, the Education Bill, the Enterprise Bill, the Environment Bill, the Forestry Bill, the Infrastructure Management Bill, the Legislation Bill, the Mining Bill, the National Heritage Bill, the Provincial Government (Amendment) Bill, the Public Service Bill, the Reprints (Amendment, Repeal and Validation) Bill and the Tax Administration Bill.

The Government is expected to bring some of these Bills to Parliament in the current meeting.

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One of the Bill that is now before the House is the Public Health Emergency Bill. This is an important Bill because when it is enacted can address situations such as this global pandemic without having a State of Public Emergency.

The other bill is the Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill for the registration of SIM cards which Cabinet is expected to endorse soon.


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