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WP youth leader sheds light on challenges want them addressed by new gov’t

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By Alfred Pagepitu   MASI Stringer/Reporter  

Western Province Youth leader Harley Rod, from Supato village in the South East Vella la Vella constituency, sheds light on the challenges faced by youth in his rural community.

Rod’s concerns extend beyond his own constituency, as he highlights the struggles of youth from various communities across the country who are often left behind, particularly in rural areas. “Unemployment emerges as a pressing issue in Rod’s community, as he emphasizes,

“As a youth leader of Supato Village, the unemployment rate is alarmingly high, and we urge our leaders to address these issues promptly.” According to Rod, is the lack of affordability of school fees, forcing many youths to abandon their education.

He explains, “The inability of our parents to afford school fees has resulted in an exodus from education.” Rod said the scarcity of resources poses a significant challenge for the youth, hindering their ability to sustain themselves and pursue further education.

Mr. Rod laments, “Although we have abundant local and natural resources, the absence of proper channels for their sale and fundraising opportunities limits our communities.” “These pressing issues have led to a cycle of high unemployment, with many youth confined to their communities and engaging in whatever activities they can find, such as gardening, fishing, and community engagement. Rod said that these concerns must addressed by leaders when it comes to the development of human resources.

He emphasizes.  “We, the youth, are the core and backbone of our country and communities.” Rod highlights the marginalization of youth in terms of development opportunities.

He criticizes the failure of leaders to provide a conducive environment for youth engagement in small entrepreneurship, business ventures, and other activities that would divert them from undesirable pursuits like kwaso and other illegal activities. Rod is calling upon leaders to prioritize the inclusion of youth.

He stats, “We call our leaders to look for youths and, in the upcoming government, to recognize the value they bring to our communities.”

Rod underscores the issue of youth migration, noting that many young individuals leave the country for seasonal work in Australia.  He advocates for a leader who will invest in building and empowering youth to make a positive impact in their respective communities.

“The imperative for a change in government is undeniable, said Rod. “I encourage the youth in my community and across the country to choose leaders who understand their needs, so that we can elevate our standard of living similar to other youth,”

Rod said. Rod highlights the potential for youth-led initiatives, such as the establishment of Rural Training Centers, the provision of job opportunities, and other developmental efforts aimed at empowering youth in the community.

He calls upon leaders to address these crucial areas.

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