Home News Maravari United Church Youths Enact the Passion of Christ

Maravari United Church Youths Enact the Passion of Christ

Part of the performance yesterday.
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 By Alfred Pagepitu MASI Stringer/Reporter Western/Choisuel Provinces

The Maravari Zion United Church youths and Men’s Fellowship group in South East Vella la Vella, Western Province, enacted the annual drama of the Passion of Christ in front of hundreds of congregation members within the church area yesterday.

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The drama commenced at the East entrance of the church compound and concluded at the church area. The youths collaborated with the Men’s Fellowship group to present the drama. Church members gathered to witness the performance. It was a captivating and emotional portrayal of the suffering and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, upon which the Easter story is based. The youth, led by Duddly Devese as a narrator, enacted the crucifixion drama. Chaplain Minister Rolland Mae of the United Church delivered a message to the Maravari congregation. He based his reading on the seven last words of Jesus Christ on the cross: “Words of Forgiveness” – Luke 23:34 “Words of Assurance” – Luke 23:43 “Words of Concern” – John 19:26-27 “Words of Longingness” – Matthew 27:46 “Words of Suffering” – John 19:28 “Words of Accomplishment” – John 19:30 “Words of Dedication” – Luke 23:46

“Today, we witnessed the youth’s creative portrayal of the crucifixion,” he said. Mae emphasized that the last seven words serve as a reminder to Christians worldwide as we observe Easter.

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He expressed gratitude to the Maravari community for their outstanding Easter and church activities, which will culminate this Sunday with the celebration of Christ’s resurrection two thousand years ago.

Similar dramas were also performed by youths from other churches in the country, drawing thousands of spectators who came to witness the reenactment of Jesus’ crucifixion over 2000 years ago.

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