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Wale welcomes decision not to ban Facebook

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Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale welcomes and supports revelations of the government’s decision not to ban Facebook in the country.

Facebook should not be seen as a threat rather, as an added element to our fundamental rights under our national constitution, like any other means of communication and avenue available for people to express and share their views on issues that affect them. If there is anything to fear, it should be on how we as leaders, manage our people and government businesses, not social media or Facebook, for that matter.

“I am told that the government is currently in the progress of putting together a legislation, a decision I must welcome, as it is the right way to deal with this issue. The government must ensure to come up with a legislation if it is worried about people these platforms being abused, threatening national unity,” he said.

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A legislation on this will be crucial as it can help to protect the interests of both the government and her people.

Another report has however revealed a contravening statement to that of the minister, stating that the government will deliberate on whether to continue with the plan or not, but if the deliberation is to go ahead, I call the Prime Minister to maintain the minister’s stand to remove the ban plan. Without a legislation, there will be repercussions on the government and they would be heavy, adding more pressure to the government, who is already faced with so much.

Much of government’s resources have been wasted on a decision that could have backfired. I think it is time the government redirect its energy on current but pressing issues, which of course includes, restrengthening our economy, and allow for those responsible to work on the Cyber legislation, being the only solution.


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