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Wale slams gov’t recklessness in addressing drug shortage nationwide

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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has slammed the Government’s ongoing excuse that the current drug shortage in the country is ‘cyclical’.

In a statement today, Hon Wale said his office has received information from health authorities around the provinces that there are currently a serious drug shortage situation around the country.

Following reports of drug shortage at the National Referral Hospital considering switching to Emergency Mode, Malaita has also made headlines of drug shortage in the province.

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Hon Wale said these are indicators that should already be sending red flags to health authorities that this is a serious matter.

“One could only wonder what the situation is like for other provinces. Surely, if Honiara and Malaita are reporting drug shortages then other provinces are in a more serious situation,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said government’s excuse that the situation is   ‘cyclical’ clearly shows a government that is reckless and unresponsive.

He said if authorities are treating this cyclical situation as standard procedure then some serious overhaul needs to be done at the management, monitoring and procuring of drugs around our provinces.

Hon Wale said authorities cannot continue to sit back and watch and treat this situation as standard practise.

“It is irresponsible of the government that citizens had to be told to care for themselves and turned back at the hospitals and clinics because there are no malaria medicines or other drugs to treat their illnesses,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader has reiterated his call for the Prime Minister to intervene and to address the matter.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister and the health minister to come out from their comfort zone and address this situation. In case they chose to be ignorant, I must remind them that this is a matter that affects the health and lives of our citizens especially in the rural areas and they have the solemn responsibility to address this,” he said.


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