Home News Wale says Suidani motion a sad day for democracy

Wale says Suidani motion a sad day for democracy

Leader of Opposition Wale.
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Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale says the successful motion against Premier Suidani and the MARA government this morning is a sad chapter for democracy in the history of this country.

He said this is no triumph for democracy but rather, triumph for corruption engineered and driven at the highest level of our national government.

Wale said it is no secret that senior members of the current DCGA Government had always been behind moves to oust the Suidani led government for their stance against China since day one.

“They tried and failed the last time because the people of Malaita openly exercised their democratic rights and refused to bow down to corruption and foreign influence.

It is shameful this time around to see these same leaders involved again, and the abuse of armed PRT to silence Malaita public from interfering with the corrupt proceedings guaranteed triumph of corruption over democracy. These all leave a sour taste in the mouth of the ordinary Malaitans who have endured political persecution by the national government.

No amount of justification by the Government can brush aside the fact that the motion was planned and executed at arms-length for ulterior purposes and not to uphold democracy as they will want the public to believe,” Wale said in a statement today.


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