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Wale hits back: OPMC response lacks substance

The government through the GCU in OPMC issued the statement condemning the attack
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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has lashed out at the OPMC response claiming his office is ignorant on issues raised against the Prime Minister and the government.

Hon Wale said the response by the OPMC clearly shows that the OPMC does not even understand the constitutional mandate of the Opposition Office.

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The Opposition Leader reiterated that his argument was straightforward and that is not calling to encourage Church gatherings during this time, rather it is questioning the wisdom of casinos being permitted to reopen with same risk.

“How is this ignorant? The concern here is the wisdom behind why Church gatherings are spreader events as expressed by the government and what makes casinos any different,” he clarified.

The Opposition Leader said the OPMC response also contradicts the statement by the health ministry in its talkback show on Friday.

“ The response by the OPMC to try and defend their decision is very clear that they are trying to justify a political decision that is morally wrong,” he said.

The Opposition Leader reiterated that it is very clear that certain orders made under the current SOPE’s are done to only suit certain individuals within the government.

He said it is surprising that out of the many issues raised by the Opposition, this issue has struck hard on the OPMC to respond quickly to defend their decision.

“The Opposition is not interested in political point scoring. We are raising issues to make sure government decisions and actions are done properly and in the best interest of the people and the country and not only a few individuals,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said his office represents the people and it will not shy away from raising issues that are controversial in nature.

Hon Wale said there are a lot of issues raised by the Opposition which the government has chosen not to respond to because they know very well that they have failed miserably.

“We have always offered alternatives to the government but we understand they would not want to lose face and take our concerns on board because they are ignorant, arrogant and insensitive to issues affecting the lives of our people, “ he said.


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