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Wale calls on gov’t to take criminal actions against land fraudsters

COL McNeil. Wale congratulates him on his excellent work.
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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has urged the Government to commence criminal action against the perpetrators of the fraud involved in the land next to Honiara International Airport.

The Government yesterday issued a statement that the Solomon Islands Government has had a significant win in the Court of Appeal against the unlawful land allocation.

Hon Wale whilst welcoming the Court of Appeal decision has stated that those involved in the fraud must be prosecuted.

He said corrupt land dealings have plagued this country for so long and it is time to clean up the mess.

“I congratulate the Commissioner of Lands and I am urging the Government to initiate criminal action against those involved and make an example of them, to deter those who think they can get away with corrupt land dealings,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the fraudulent land deals are usually the result of collusion between Ministry of Lands Officers and those outside the ministry.

Hon Wale said the prosecutions must cover both sides of this crime.

“There have been many alleged corrupt land deals over the years, I urge the Commissioner of Lands to continue to investigate any such allegations to resume those lands and ensure prosecutions against the fraudsters,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the victory reported by the government will not have good impact if it is not followed by prosecutions.


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