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Wale calls for PM’s intervention as claims NRH on brink of collapse

The NRH.
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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has called for the Prime Minister’s urgent intervention as the National Referral Hospital (NRH) is reportedly on the brink of collapse.

Mr Wale uttered this following concerns raised by nurses and doctors that sooner or later, NRH will not have the capacity and resources to manage and control the COVID outbreak at the hospital.

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The Opposition office has been informed that NRH is in serious crisis as COVID is taking its toll on patients and staff.

Nurses and doctors have raised concerns with the Opposition Office that the sentiments made by the Health Minister in Parliament recently and what has been currently portrayed in the media is contradictory to the situation at hand.

The Opposition Leader said senior doctors at NRH revealed that one of the major COVID-19 blunders was placing NRH on the frontline for COVID.

“We have received concerns from senior doctors that NRH should be totally isolated of any COVID related cases and that advices to build a proper COVID 19 field hospital has fell on deaf ears. Instead, the Government decided to turn a sporting facility into a 56 bed field hospital,” he said.

Mr Wale said reports of the shortage of staff because of COVID infections and the lack of clinical management, lack of resources, PPEs, RAT test kits and access to food supply to NRH are serious concerns that must be addressed with urgency.

The Opposition Leader urged the Prime Minister to intervene and treat this concern as an urgent matter.

“Doctors have raised concerns that it is difficult to work and maintain bubbles when most staff are infected,” Mr Wale said.

Hon Wale said the Government needs to find a solution to the current situation that is already out of hand.

“The worrying situation is NRH will not be able to treat other illnesses and NRH will become a COVID facility. Many very sick people are now afraid to seek treatment at NRH in fear of contracting COVID and there is no other alternative. Many cannot afford private clinics as well. How long this will go for is a matter of urgency,” he said.


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