People are welcoming the sanitation project
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Community leaders on Vela La Vela Island in the Western Province have expressed their support and passion for the sanitation project that currently implemented by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Solomon Islands in their respective communities.
ADRA Solomon Islands is presently executing the Solomon Islands National Sanitation Sustainability Plan (NSSP) Sanitation Project across Vela, Rannogah, and Kolobangara Islands in the Western Province. The United Nations Childr’s Fund (UNICEF) has generously funded the project, implemented by ADRA Solomon Islands across these islands throughout the year.
The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the delivery of sustainable sanitation services at both provincial and national levels, while simultaneously fostering improved hygiene behaviors within the communities.
Patrick Olapitu, NSSP Project Officer for Vela La Vela, conveyed that all communities across South and North Vela are welcoming the sanitation project.
He highlighted that Mr. Kitchener Gasi, the Chief of Barakoma Village in South Vela, is particularly excited about the project and has extended his community’s full support for its implementation. Olapitu further mentioned that community leaders from Beiporo and Kolokolo Villages, including the Clinic at Kolokolo in North Vela, share the same enthusiasm and have committed their full support to the project.
All leaders and chiefs from these communities are encouraging their people to support the project and expressing a keen interest in its implementation in their respective areas; stated Olapitu.
Stanley Kabokera, Chief of Kolokolo Village, echoed his excitement about the project and urged ADRA to implement it in their community.
“I would like ADRA to implement this project in our community and support them with this sanitation initiative;” said Mr. Kabokera.
During a triggering event at Beiporo Primary School on Thursday in North Vela, Mr. Robson Apusae, the Headmaster, emphasized the significance of health and urged everyone to actively participate in the sanitation program.

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