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TSI calls for auditing of ESP funding

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Following the Auditor General’s shocking findings on widespread abuse of Covid-19 funding, Transparency Solomon Islands today calls for the auditing of the Economic Stimulus Package.

In a statement tonight, it says it is the opinion of Transparency Solomon Islands based on observation that the Covid-19 restrictions under the Emergency Powers Regulation were more divesting to people, business and community than the Covid-19 transmission itself.

“With little from responsible institution, people manage to look after themselves with little or no assistant at all from responsible government institutions other than the vaccination, (thank you nurses). Many lost their livelihoods, school children their education etc,” it says.

 Solomon Islands needs to know the impact of this scheme on people’s livelihood. “Is it clean from corrupt practice, is it properly accounted for and did  it produced the desired outcome.  An audit of this scheme will give us the data on how well it has been managed.” TSI said tonight.

The stimulus package of SBD$319m was issued by government to certain businesses in 2020, however, its distribution to beneficiaries had been highly criticized—with many claiming it was not fair.

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