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Togamana confirms COVID-19 recoveries & data is compiled

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Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana has confirmed that there are people who recovered from COVID-19.

With focus on case numbers per day and only on the death toll many people have asked if there are recoveries, Togamana said in his address last night: “We do have recoveries and data on this is being compiled. Once available I will inform.”

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He urges the public to continue to pray for the sick.

“Let us continue to pray for our sick patients in the hospital for speedy recovery and that local transmissions within the hospital to stop,” said Dr Togamana.

 According to the minister, the total patients admitted in the hospital is 81, and 43 new admissions in NRH and 2 in the Central Field Hospital. Five patients are under critical conditions 3 in the Central Field Hospital and 2 at NRH.

As of yesterday, 755 cases of COVID 19 have been reported in Solomon Islands, which was 104 more than reported in the minister’s last address on Tuesday.

Of these cases 755 cases, Togamana said they have detailed information on 651 cases, one third presented with symptoms mostly consisting of cough, fever, sore throat and runny nose. Among the reported case 47% are females and 53% are males. 11% are less than or equal to 18 years and 22% are among people 45 years and above.


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