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Tei’ifi committed to serving his people despite short term

Te'eifi, centre, PKJ, right, nand Kwaita today.
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The newly elected MP for West Kwaio, Claudius Tei’ifi, says he’s prepared to serve his people even though he has just over a year to go to stay in power.

Tei’ifi, flanked by United Party Parliamentary Leader Peter Kenilorea and Party President John Kwaita, today faced the media in his first press conference since winning the seat two weeks ago.

 Tei’ifi replaces the former MP, Titus Fika who died last year.

He said given that he has a short-time to go, he has a structure in place where his people will be given the chance to choose projects and forwarded to his office for consideration.

“Whether small or what, they must feel it that they are part of the government,” he said.

“Unlike in the past, where people put forward projects to the upper-level that didn’t fit for their capacity,”

said Tei’ifi.

He said this policy applies to his entire constituency, which is to get rid of the rule and divide system.

Meanwhile Tei’ifi said he will remain royal to UP in his time as the MP for West Kwaio.

UP currently has four MPs in Parliament.

In welcoming Tei’ifi, Kenilorea said it was the people in West Kwaio that told him to join UP.

Tei’ifi said UP is not a new party but one of the founding parties of the country.

Kwaita said UP is happy to have Tei’ifi as their newest MP and thanked him for choosing UP.


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