Home Politics Tausinga says proposal to increase MPs salaries an ‘injustice’ to citizens

Tausinga says proposal to increase MPs salaries an ‘injustice’ to citizens

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MEMBER of Parliament for West New Georgia & VonaVona Hon Silas Tausinga has described the proposal to increase MPs salaries and entitlements as an ‘injustice’ to Solomon Islanders.

In a statement today, the Opposition MP joined his colleague Opposition members, Unions and citizens around the country in condemning the proposal by the Parliamentary Entitlement Commission (PEC).

The Opposition MP said the proposal does not justify the need for any increase to MPs salaries and entitlements when ordinary citizens in this country are struggling to make ends meet.

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“It is embarrassing, shameful and insensitive to be in this situation when nurses, teachers, police, public servants, our private sector and even people in our rural villages are struggling as a result of the current economic decline faced in our country,” he said.

“I had been admitted several times at the National Referral Hospital and I have experienced the hardships faced by our people and the sacrifices by our nurses and doctors. These are the very people that need a pay rise and not us MPs.”

He said if extending the life of parliament was not controversial enough then this proposal would add more salt to the wound for citizens of this country.

Hon Tausinga called on the PEC to reconsider and revoke its proposal.

“I am calling on PEC to revoke the proposal. I believe the 50MPs of this current House does not need a pay rise given our current economic status and the injustice this will have on our citizens,” the Opposition MP said.



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