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Suidani claims PM directed recall of his PS with intension to sack him

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The Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidna claims tonight that in what is seen as a direct move by the Sogavare Government to weaken the MARA Malaita Provincial Government— the Prime Minister has directed the recall of the Provincial Secretary.

In a statement released tonight, Suidani claims that Sogavare has directed his minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Rolence Seleso to recall the Provincial Secretary for Malaita Province Fredrick Faábasua to Honiara with the intention to have him terminated.

Suidani said that he understands that there was a meeting at PMO on Friday last week in which the PM had given the directive.

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“This is yet again another sad day for Malaita province to see the Sogavare led government continued to act against the interest of the Government and the people of Malaita province,” he says.

The Premier strongly warns Sogavare and his DCGA government that this action would go against the wishes of the people and the government of Malaita Province and the MARA government will not allow that to happen.

“I must remind the Honiara Government that my MARA Executive had passed a resolution to protect our Provincial Secretary Fredrick Faabasua not to be removed from Malaita Province.  We are even ready to pay for his salaries to stay on with the province. The government must be reminded of the similar situation with the Western Provincial Government that already set precedence,” the statement states.

Premier Suidani said that the MARA government being an elected government by the people of Malaita Province has passed that resolution to protect the PS on behalf of the people of Malaita Province.

“He has done so much that improved our province and we cannot see why the national government would like to recall him to Honiara. Any such move will be seen as a move against the MARA government and the people of Malaita Province,” he says.

The Premier strongly believes that this move by the government is part of the continued efforts by the Sogavare led government to weaken the MARA government.

“It is no secret that the government is doing this to please its new friend the People’s Republic of China since the MARA government has been standing strong against PRC entering Malaita,” says premier Suidani.

“The MARA Government is not surprised that the government continues to use illegitimate ways to try and weaken its good reputation. But this is how the government has been operating and will continue to operate outside of any lawful processes that deals with matters like this,” the statement by the premier states.

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