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SOSA FC receives soccer kits from New Zealand

SOSA FC officials receiving the kits fromDavid Nichols
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The New Zealand Police Senior Advisor David Nichols handed over two full soccer kits to Selwyn Old Scholars Association (SOSA) Football Club (FC) at Heritage Park Hotel recently.

Advisor Nichols is part of the Solomon Islands Police Support Programme (SIPSP) and played for SOSA FC this year in the Telekom Super League (TSL).

One of the kits is donated from Scots College, and the other is from Tawa FC, both located in Wellington, New Zealand.

SOSA President Mr. Robert Luke Iroga said, “SOSA will aim to stay in the TSL for a long time, and will try to stay competitive. The club does have trouble getting uniforms so these kits will be very helpful for us.”

He thanked Nichols for choosing to play with SOSA FC this year and for his support to developing soccer in the country.

Advisor Nichols said, “It has been an honour and privilege to play for SOSA this year. The fact that our team’s physiotherapist is from Japan, goes to show that football is a great way of bringing people from different backgrounds together.”

Officer Nichols said, “I hope that these kits will help some of the younger players to develop their skills, as I’ve seen there is immense talent that lies in this country, waiting to be unleashed.”

“I would like to thank Mr. Alex Johnson and Scots College as well as Constable Robert Sherborne and Tawa FC, for obtaining and donating the kits and also like to thank the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the New Zealand Defence Force for transporting the kits from New Zealand to Honiara,” he said.

Mr. Nichols said, “The wide range of partners needed to make this donation happen shows that the Solomon Islands has the support of all of New Zealand… except when playing against the NZ All Whites.”


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