Home Health Opposition Leader Calls for Immediate Action on Kukum Clinic Closure

Opposition Leader Calls for Immediate Action on Kukum Clinic Closure

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The Leader of the Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has demanded immediate action from Authorities following the forced closure of the Kukum Clinic.

Kukum clinic, essential to several local communities, was issued a six-month prohibition notice for closure, starting December 1st, 2023, due to unsafe conditions posing risks to patients and healthcare workers.

Hon. Wale has sternly criticized the Honiara City Council for what he described as gross mismanagement and negligence.

“Allowing critical health facility to deteriorate to this point is just inexcusable,” Hon. Wale stated.

Hon. Wale pointed out that this closure will severely impact the lives of nearby communities, especially during the still ongoing renovation of the Emergency Department of NRH.

The Leader of Opposition urged the HCC to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to promptly address and resolve this critical issue for Kukum Clinic and other Healthcare facilities.

“There must be swift action to renovate the clinic and ensure that other health clinics and centres meet the necessary health and safety standards” Hon. Wale said.

Hon. Wale highlighted that this cooperation between the HCC and the Ministry is crucial given the broader implications of the shutdown.

“This is not just about one clinic. It is a systemic issue threatening the health of our entire population. The situation at the Kukum Clinic mirrors the tragic condition of many other clinics and healthcare facilities in the Provinces” Hon. Wale concluded.


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