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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has questioned the whereabouts of the Prime Minister as he remains ‘silent’ on issues raised against his office and the Government.

In a statement today, the Opposition Leader said it is unfortunate that the Prime Minister opted to shy away from issues raised by the Opposition during this current COVID crisis.

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The issues raised include;

  • The current state of the NRH and for the Prime Minister to intervene
  • The mismatches in his speech on the origins of the virus
  • The proposed plans by the Prime Minister to establish a Chinese Bank and Airline in Honiara
  • The call by the Opposition to the Prime Minister as Minister for PG 2023 to redirect funds to COVID healthcare infrastructure
  • The call to summon the oversight committee for inconsistencies and mismatches in their statements with that of the Prime Minister
  • The Prime Minister and his health minister must admit that they are currently presiding over a mess as a result of two years of negligence of a COVID outbreak in the country
  • The secret China flight. Why the Prime Minister is tight-lipped over the arrival of Chinese nationals on a chartered flight last weekend?
  • The call by the Opposition for the Prime Minister to take the lead in this current situation.
  • The question of how the Prime Minister and his Government will re-strategize its vax program to make it safer.
  • The absence of any COVID National Response Plan to date from the Prime Minister and his Government.
  • The need to urgently purchase more RAT kits using govt funds and not to rely on donor funds.
  • The lack of any clear strategy by the Prime Minister and his government for mass testing to know the full extent of COVID infections to inform response strategy.

“Let me remind the Prime Minister that the silence is golden rule is sadly not appropriate during this time. You cannot hide away from issues dealing with the health and lives of our people,” he said.

The Opposition Leader reiterated that this is not a blame game, it is about pointing out government shortfalls do deal with the current situation.

The Opposition Leader said as the alternative government they are also prepared to lend a helping hand if the Government needs alternative advice.

“It seems the Prime Minister and his government is running out of ideas and strategies to deal with the current situation. We are always here if you need us, Mr Prime Minister,” Hon Wale said.


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