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SIG – MCC Threshold program kick-off workshop underway in Honiara

1. MNPDC Minister Rexon Ramofafia opens the MCC SI Threshold Programme kick-off workshop
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The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Solomon Islands Threshold Program kick-off workshop is underway at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara from Tuesday 6th –Friday 9th December.

Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) Rexon Ramofafia opened the kick-off workshop which would pave an important first step towards the full-scale implementation of the USD $20 million (SBD $165 million) grant that aimed at supporting the national government reduce poverty and increase economic growth in the country.

MNPDC was appointed as MCC’s primary counterpart on behalf of SIG on the MCC Threshold program. There are two projects under the MCC SI Threshold program, the Forest Value Enhancement Project (FoVEP) which comes under the Ministry of Forestry and Research (MoFR) and the Accessing Land for Tourism Investment Facilitation (ALTIF Project) which comes under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT).

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“The target areas of the current threshold program in the tourism and forestry sectors aligns with government policy focusing on the productive sector. The projects envisaged under these two sectors are important to Solomon Islands’ recovery and will contribute towards stimulating growth. It is important that we continue to ensure that transformative impacts can be realised from these investments,” Minister Ramofafia said.

The workshop on different aspects of the program over the four days will help to reinforce and broaden understanding of the objectives of the MCC program and validate expected outcomes and activities that are envisaged under the two projects.

Minister Ramofafia highlighted the workshop will help all stakeholders to verify governance, oversight and implementation arrangements for the MCC Threshold Program for Solomon Islands, such that “we are clear on our” different roles and responsibilities.

“May I also remind us of the importance of the Threshold Program working within the government’s national strategies, policies, priorities and processes in complementing, adding value and impacting the lives of Solomon Islanders,” Ramofafia said.

He, on behalf of the Government and people of Solomon Islands, extend his appreciation to the Government and people of the United States of America through the MCC for the Solomon Islands MCC Threshold Program and the grant financing that Solomon Islands is able to access through this program.

MCC Implemening Partners, Nakau Program/Live & Learn are implementing the forestry project. DT Global is implementing the policy reform activities. Agreements with implementing partners have been signed and activities are on the way.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Tetra Tech, with three local NGOs are implementing the tourism project.

Stakeholders that are attending the workshop includes SIG line ministries of MNPDC, MoFR, MCT, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Survey, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration and MCC Threshold Implementing Partners which include DT Global, IFC, Tetra Tech, Nathan and Associates and Nakau Program/Live and Learn.

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