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Beche-de-mer export now closed

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The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources would like to inform all fishermen and fisherwomen, exporters and the general public throughout the country that EXPORTS for beche-de-mer is now closed as of 1st December 2022.

The harvesting season had already closed on Wednesday 1st September 2022.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources would therefore wish to remind the public that fishing from all fisheries waters and possession of, landing, buying, selling and receiving, possession or export of any species of beche-der-mere is now illegal under Solomon Islands Fisheries law (Fisheries Management Act 2015).

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“Anyone found breaching the said prohibited activities will be prosecuted under the Fisheries Management Act 2015 and liable for conviction of a fine not more than $5, 000,000 or imprisonment of not more than 2 years or both”.

Beche-de-mere is a valuable marine commodity that has contributed to our economy, and is of utmost importance that we harvest it sustainably to ensure that we continue to benefit from it far into the future. More important to preserve for future generation of Solomon Islands.


MFMR Press Release

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