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Seleso threatens to dissolve CIP Assembly by end of June

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The Central Islands Provincial Assembly will be dissolved if parties to the current political impasse are unable to resolve it by June 28.

In a strongly worded letter to the Speaker of the CIP Provincial Assembly, Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Rollen Seleso, warned that he would be consulting the Attorney-General and Cabinet for advice to immediately start the process of dissolving the whole CIP Assembly by June 30th.

Seleso highlighted this when writing to the Speaker of the CIP Assembly Francis Moah expressing his support to AG’s advice that the recent election of a new premier was invalid. He went on to say that based on the AG’s advice the motion failed to meet the seven clear days’ requirement and it was called by seven MPAs’ as the absolute majority when eight was required.

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Seleso further instructed that the incumbent premier Stanley Manetiva remains in power.

Supporters of the newly elected premier Polycarp Galiagu maintained that he remains their premier as he was duly elected and all protocols were followed.

Moah said Galiagu was duly elected and the the 7 MPAs’ clearly majority had been the practice in the assembly for the past years.

Seleso takes action

But Seleso said considering the million dollars forgone by the people of Central Province in this political wrangling, “I strongly advice that the MPAs’ sit and find a quick solution.”

He adds: “I cannot sit by and see the people of Central Province to miss out on PCDF $5.6m this year with the possibility that the next assessment for 2023/2024 allocation may also be in doubt.”

Seleso said that the ministry cannot allow this political wrangling to continue unabated whilst the members are enjoying their salaries. He added that the analysis indicate that the innocent people of Central are bearing the cost of this insensitive and never ending political dispute.

Seleso stated that whilst the recommendations of the AG are taken on board: “I would be consulting the AG and the Cabinet for advice to immediately start the process of dissolving the whole Central Province Assembly triggering new election in a couple of months’ time.”

He told speaker Moah and Manetiva to update him on the developments before 28 June to enable him to table the next course of action in the Cabinet meeting on 30th June.

“Failure to see results on the ground I would commence processing at Cabinet level by 30th June,” the minister concluded in his letter.






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