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RSIPF now has tool to match crime fingerprints

Photo caption: AFP Advisor with RAPPP providing support to officers of the RSIPF Forensics as they have their hands on the fingerprinting software that will give the RSIPF capability to match crime scene fingerprints to arrest suspect fingerprint
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is now equipped with a software tool to match fingerprints in crime scenes.

The Forensic Comparison Software (FCS) Electronic Fingerprint Comparator was funded and gifted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Pacific Police Development Program-Regional (PPDP-R) to the RSIPF’s Forensic Services within the National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID).

The advanced analysis software tool has the capability to compare crime scene fingerprints to arrest fingerprints which will help the RSIPF in its fingerprint identification process- a major boost for its investigations.

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The tool was made possible through consultation and assistance from the Pacific Forensic Working Group (PFWG), RSIPF, International Forensic Engagement Team (IFE) and the AFP through its partnership program with the RSIPF- the RSIPF-AFP Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP).

AFP Forensic Advisors under the RAPPP are assisting RSIPF Forensic officers with how to use this new tool to enhance their fingerprint comparison, create sustainable change (no ongoing costs) and develop standardisation of comparison process that will enable forensic interoperability between Pacific nations.

“The AFP is pleased to assist RSIPF build its interoperability with our regional law enforcement partners, we have many policing programs in the region and working together we can strengthen policing outcomes for our region” said AFP Commander for RAPPP, Paul Osborne.

In the RAPPP design, one of its priority focus is on enhancing the work of the RSIPF in Forensics to support better investigations outcomes. The RAPPP help deliver capability enhancement across priority areas of the RSIPF in supporting its current and future requirements in alignment with the Solomon Islands Government policy priorities for law enforcement and national security in the Solomon Islands from 2021 to 2025.

The RAPPP underpins the shared vision and commitment of the Commissioners from the RSIPF and AFP in providing a policing capability focused on delivering high quality police operations and services to communities in the Solomon Islands.

RSIPF Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau issued a strong warning saying “The RSIPF is now equipped with this advanced forensics capability to arrest those in our community who break the law. With this new capability, we will find you. Together with the AFP, under the RAPPP, we will continue to enhance our Forensic capabilities to serve and up hold the law”.

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