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RSIPF and AFP step-up preparedness for ‘Operation Parliament’

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In preparation for the sitting of parliament commencing next week (18 July 2022), the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and components of the Solomons’ International Assistance Force (SIAF) conducted Public Order Management (POM) exercises this week.

Under RSIPF ‘Operation Parliament’, the SIAF contingent will support the RSIPF in maintaining law and order to ensure the continued safety of the Solomon Islands people, institutions and infrastructure.

Conducting ongoing operational exercises is ‘business as usual’ for police agencies across the world. The ongoing POM exercises is necessary to ensure operational readiness and interoperability between agencies when required.  A key component of operational readiness is ongoing regular POM exercises, where officers refine their skills from their training in real life scenarios.

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The RSIPF and SIAF officers will continue with POM joint operational exercise programs to ensure both police agencies are ready to respond swiftly and efficiently to any potential public disorder incidents.

POM capabilities and training exercises provide realistic exposure to an active POM environment within local environmental conditions.

RSIPF Commissioner Mangau said we have the Pacific Games in 2023, where our country will be on the world stage. The international community is watching closely and my team will continue to work with the Solomon Islands community to maintain peace and security within our Hapi Isles. Thank you to our SIAF partners for their ongoing partnership as we prepare for current and future operations.”

SIAF Deputy Commissioner (DC) Davies Heath reinforced the message that SIAF is here to support RSIPF and the Solomon Islands community and is ready to respond to any incidents during the sitting of parliament or as required.

DC SIAF Mr Heath says, “Our officers continue to work alongside our RSIPF partners and are undertaking ongoing preparations for ‘Operation Parliament’.  The SIAF contingent is ready and equipped to detect and disrupt public disorder and will respond effectively if required.  We encourage all citizens to respect the livelihood of fellow community members and to refrain from attending any unlawful gatherings or protests.





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