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Read detailed updates: 190 new cases, 6 deaths, Makira records first cases

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Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana has announced 190 new COVID cases with Honiara recording 167 cases.

Solomon Islands now has 2,357 recorded against its name. Malaita has 21 new cases whilst Makira for the first time recorded two new cases.

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A total of 6 deaths were reported with Guadalcanal (deaths since January 26) accounting for five and Honiara 1. Total deaths now stand at 21.

Four were unvaccinated, one fully vaccinated whilst another only one jab.

COVID-19 Case Updates

The minister said 167 cases were reported from.

In Malaita province additional 21 COVID-19 positive cases were detected since last update, bringing a total of COVID-19 cases to 118. Cases were mainly in Auki and surrounding communities.

In Isabel province, official case count still remains at 16 with COVID testing continuing.  

For Guadalcanal province, from the 42 total case count mentioned yesterday there are additional positives picked up today however this will be conveyed once official report is received.

In the Western Province, no additional cases were registered and this is due to limited tests carried out in the past 24 hours as most swabbers are self- isolating following two of their team members testing positive for COVID.

Similarly, in Central Islands Province, swab team members are also down with COVID-19 like symptoms and have been tested for COVID-19 this afternoon, results still pending. Official case count for the province thus still remains at 17 from 110 samples collected so far.

In Makira province, 2 COVID-19 cases picked up as of today from 24 samples collected and tested using the rapid test kit. Makira Health authorities are undertaking necessary steps of restricting movements, contact tracing and testing of primary contacts.

This is the first time cases have been reporting in Makira.

In Temotu province, use of rapid test kits have commenced. 21 samples were collected yesterday and have returned negative.

In Choiseul province some tests done in Taro have also returned negative and health teams are going out to communities suspected of COVID-19 to conduct more tests.

Rennell Bellona Province commenced testing using the rapid test kits this afternoon. Results should be made in next update.

Our health teams have also conducted rapid testing of COVID-19 for workers in the essential service and critical infrastructure category. Out of 200 plus samples collected, 83 returned positive. All have been advised to self- isolate at home.

COVID-19 deaths

According to the Togamana, the total number of deaths due to COVID has now gone up to 21. One death was recorded in the Central Field in the past 24 hours. Official Death census from the Guadalcanal province has been compiled and 5 deaths occurred since January 26 for the province.

Out of these 6 deaths, 4 occurred in unvaccinated people. One death was person who had received one dose of COVID vaccine and the 6th death was in a fully vaccinated person. All the people who died had comorbidities including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

“May the souls of our loved ones rest well in love and peace of our heavenly Father,” said the minister.

Togamana said: “What we are seeing is what we have been fearing and the worst may yet to come as cases have not yet peaked. Unvaccinated people with underlying health conditions are presenting to our health facilities, severely sick with COVID-19 symptoms, numbers of people requiring oxygen have also increased. Our health workers are working hard to attend and provide the necessary care as best as they can.

NRH Admissions and Recoveries

Togamana said based on latest count, for COVID-19 admissions to NRH including Central Field Hospital, total number of patients stands at 144. This includes those at NRH isolation wards, Central field hospital as well as several of NRH in patient wards. Positive inpatients have been separated from the negatives. 29 of these patients are on oxygen support. Amongst these positives are 4 children. Total of 56 NRH staff still in isolation at GBR and Ngossi with many have already returning to negative and awaiting discharge to resume their duties.

In terms of recoveries, though figures are still being sorted, the minister said he has noted increasing number of positive cases now returning to negative in their last COVID-19 lab test as well as with the rapid antigen testing kits.

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