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Prime Minister graces Sukiki Seventh Day Church dedication

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Thousands of people, especially members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church from around the country and overseas are congregating at Sukiki village, East Guadalcanal for the dedication of the Sukiki Seventh Day Adventist new church building.

The dedication program with the full backing of the Member of Parliament for East Guadalcanal Constituency Hon. Bradley Tovosia started last Sunday with a line-up of activities that will climax on Sunday 1st of January 2023

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare was the chief guest at yesterday’s (28th Dec) Official Church dedication.

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“Congratulations are in order. You have heeded the call to build God a dwelling place in this Community. In doing so you and all of us are fully conscious of the responsibility that comes with it,” the Prime Minister uttered.

Speaking on the theme “To God be the Glory” the Prime Minister said, if there is a time that the Church of God must be more vigilant and alert, it is in this perilous time.

He further stressed, the church not only face challenges from outside but also from within. There are people who question the fundamental doctrine of the church, lured sympathizers and disobeyed authorities.

The Head of Government who is also an ordained elder of the Seventh Day Adventist church adds, the simple strategy to counter that development is to dig deeper into the word of God as there is no other way.

Prime Minister Sogavare also thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church for being a good corporate citizen and active partner with the government in the development of the country.

“With 121 education institutions and 36 clinics and a fully-fledged hospital established in various parts of the country, the Seventh Day Adventist Church runs one of the biggest net-work of church-run health and education services in our country.”

He further stated, the government considers that the churches and the religious organizations in the country as very important partners in implementing the National Development Strategy, especially in the area of social justice, humanitarian services, education, morality, economic development and peace.

“I am proud to note and commend the Seventh Day Adventist church for taking this responsibility seriously in the way the church is structured. We do not stop at preaching the word. We took nurturing and the great commission seriously.”

Prime Minister Sogavare said, the claim that Solomon Islands is a Christian nation is brought into serious question when youths from all denominations descended upon China Town in November 2021, and brought it to ashes. The swearing and cursing that were written on the walls of ruined buildings is sickening to read.

He said, throughout these and other challenges, one thing remains constant- God’s unfailing love towards us. We would not have come through these challenges without the intervention of heaven.

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh and Madam Sogavare and delegation- government Ministers and officials returned to Honiara yesterday evening.


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