Home News Aggressive driver stabs man on the rib following swearing incident  

Aggressive driver stabs man on the rib following swearing incident  

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara have arrested a 24 year-old male person for stabbing a 19 year-old male person at King George (KG) market area on 24 December 2022.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Supervising, Superintendent Chris Laekalia says the victim and his friends dropped from a public bus at Uncle Alick bus stop and walked towards KG market where the victim resides.

“When they were about to reach the KG betel-nut market stalls a short boot car drove slowly beside them and the driver swore at them. The car went ahead and pulled over,” he said.

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“The victim then approached the driver (suspect) and asked him as to why he swore at them. A friend of the victim saw they argued and so he approached them and to calm down the situation. The suspect reached into his vehicle, pulled out a screw driver and tried to stab the victim. Fortunately, the screw driver fell out of the suspect’s hand, causing him to run into his car and drove away.”

“The suspect drove to Custom Garden where he parked his vehicle, took a knife from one of the market vendors and walked back to KG market. As he reached KG market he shouted, challenging the victim and his friends for a fight,” Laekalia stated.

He added: “The victim ran towards the suspect who took out the knife he hid behind his back and stabbed the victim on his left ribs.”

A police patrol was around the vicinity during the time of the incident so they attended to the report and arrested the suspect. The matter is currently under police investigation.


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