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Premier Suidani clarifies issue of 5 Malaita MPs not eligible for China RCDF

Recently the issue of the 5 Malaita MPs not eligible for the PRC RCDF have hit headline in our local newspapers.

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Let me made an important clarification on this issue.

Firstly the public would recollect that I made a call for all 14 Members of Parliament for a dialogue with my provincial government in Auki Malaita province.

On the designated date for the dialogue only 5 MPs have responded and attend to my call. It so happened that the 5 MPs were from the opposition and those that have recently been sacked by the Sogavare led government.

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The others mainly from the government side have not responded to the call and the time I have requested. MPG was instead informed that the Malaita government MPS would come at their own allocated time.

The expectation of the MPG was to have the dialogue as members of parliament from Malaita province with MPG. A bipartisan dialogue between Malaita MPS and MPAs on the China, Taiwan issue. Especially in light of the current stand that my MARA government has taken in regards to this issue.

The MPG met with the 5 MPS that have responded to the call I made. Information were shared through a frank and fare discussion that took place in the provincial assembly chamber. The 5 MPs then left Malaita and went back to Honiara.

I must make it clear that the discussions and information sharing in the chamber have not included any discussions on a communique.

The MPG Auki Communique was made after the 5 MPs left. The communique was a product of discussions by the MPG after gathering information in the dialogue with the 5 MPs and through support from other Malaitans. There was no expectation for the 5MPs or all 14 Malaita MPs to be part of the communique because the aim of the dialogue was for the MPG to gather information on the switch and thereafter able to assess its stand.

Going back to what I have said earlier, the Communique was put together after the 5MPs left to Honiara. In addition the communique was made without the knowledge and direct inputs from the 5MPS. If one looks at the Communique one would noticed that under the Introduction title.

The three introductory paragraphs simply outlined the chronology of how the communique was put together. In the 3rd paragraph, it clearly stated that the MPG after gathering information from these engagements expressed itself in the following terms outlined in this Communique.

The term “these engagements” is used in recognition of the different sources of information and personalities that the MPG has gather information from before putting together the communique.

I must therefore categorically denounce how the media have twisted the story and the perception that the 5MPs were directly involve in the Auki Communique and signed the communique and therefore punished for their involvement. Simply put they are not, they do not signed the communique.
I therefore called on the DCGA government to be very careful of its responsibility to the country and to properly assess all information gather before making any critical decisions.

The 5 MPS were never involved in the communique and thus must not be indiscriminately punish for what they have not done.

This country will never develop and prosper if we continue to punish our own for something they have not done. I must reminded the government caucus that you have a greater responsibility to ensure the decisions you made are appropriate and sound.

The government has a higher obligation to use the state institutions in a manner that is fair and responsible. Not as weapon to punish little and trivial things that should be solved through appropriate dialogue.

What you think?

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