Home Politics Premier Mesepitu congratulates Albanese as new Australian PM

Premier Mesepitu congratulates Albanese as new Australian PM

PM Anthony Albanese
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The Premier of Western Province, Hon Christian Mesepitu has taken the initiative to formally congratulate the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, on his victory to become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

The Premier observed that Mr Albanese’s accession to the Prime Minister’s Post could not have come at a more challenging time with global superpowers clamouring for influence, the covid 19 pandemic’s continuing impact on countries, the tragic conflict in Ukraine, and our very own Pacific Region threatened by geopolitical tensions which if not handled properly may result in the victimisation of small island states given their insignificance on the global stage.

He stressed that Australia has always been a true friend and a development partner to Solomon Islands over the years and their contributions to the development of Solomon Islands will always be acknowledged and valued.

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On the same note he acknowledged Prime Minister Albanese’s commitment to climate change, a subject very close to small vulnerable Pacific Island states hearts, and looks forward to the realisation of this commitment in terms of Australia’s support and advocacy for greater responsibility by developed countries.

In the same vein Premier Mesepitu acknowledges the new Australian Government’s pledge in continuing with its respect of democracy and the rule of law and the way it values its long-held friendships and  traditional alliances.

Mesepitu acknowledges Australia’s continuous support and assistance through its various programs, projects and as well as the maintenance of law and order in times of great difficulties in the Solomon Islands. We have witnessed Australia’s intervention over the years and it is due to mutual respect and Australia’s genuine concern in maintaining a peaceful and stable South Pacific region.

It is hope that this same support and camaraderie will be maintained in light of the many shared values and friendship by both countries. Although we may not be able to see many things eye to eye, it is always a comfort knowing Australia is always at hand to lend a helping hand whenever the need arises.


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