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Police appeals for peace & calm tomorrow as Malaita votes for new premier

Auki will host the motion tomorrow and police is appealing for peace and calm. Photo SIG Portal
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Police today made a strong appeal for Malaitans to allow their leaders to deal with the election of the province’s new premier tomorrow and also allow them to do their work in maintaining peace.

Deputy Commissioner Juanita Matanga said police would be on the ground to maintain law and order—in tomorrow’s vote for the new premier of Malaita.

She confirms that 40 police personnel are already on the ground to support Malaita based police to provide security in Auki.

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Matanga said as part of their operations they will mount road-blocks in the town as of tonight to check vehicles coming in and going out of Auki.

She encouraged Malaitans living around Auki to stay at home tomorrow if they have nothing to do in the town.

She said if people are not happy – the right process is to go to court and not to take laws into their own hands.

Malaita will elect its new premier tomorrow following the ousting of the former leader Daniel Suidani in a motion of no confidence on Tuesday.




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