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PM declares the most important decision after more than 40 years of SI’s existence

PM Sogavare shakes hand with President Xi Jinping of China
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PM: “Forging of SI-PRC diplomatic relationship complies with UN Resolution 2758 of 1971.”

The forging of diplomatic relations between Solomon Islands and People’s Republic of China is by far the most important decision by Solomon Islands after more than 40 years of its existence as an independent sovereign nation and member of the United Nations, phrased Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP.

Sogavare was speaking at last week’s farewell of the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Li Ming.

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Prime Minister Sogavare articulated, the decision to expel Taiwan and realign diplomatic relationship with China amounts to getting Solomon Islands exercising its ‘sovereign responsibility’ as a responsible Member of the United Nations to respect the many principles upon which the United Nations was established.

“Respect for territorial integrity – the principle under international law that nation-states should not attempt to promote secessionist movements or to promote border changes in other nation-states, nor impose a border change through the use of force,” he elaborated.

Prime Minister Sogavare firmly expounded, it was a sovereign decision made in compliance with United Nations Resolution 2758 of 1971 which recognized that there is only One China in the world and that Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China. In making that decision, we placed Solomon Islands in the right side of History.”

He adds, for 36 years since gaining independence in 1978, co-incidentally, 7 years after the United Nations decision to expel Taiwan and cease to recognize it as a sovereign nation, Solomon Islands through the diplomatic relations with the so-called Republic of China (ROC), knowingly violated the territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China for 36 years.

As a member of the United Nations, what Solomon Islands did then was debauched corporate citizen.

Realizing its blunder, Solomon Islands had to swallow it pride, put its foot down and correct history, much to the disappointment of some people.

He stated, Solomon Islands was however shocked at the commotion its decision to recognize One China created even by some members of the United Nations. Some even question sovereign decisions especially on sustainable development, national security and people to people relations.

PM Sogavare deplores people from within and outside the country who unfairly criticized the decision of a sovereign state.

China has the assurance of Solomon Islands, the latter will not be deterred by any countries that are bent on trying to undermine the SI-PRC relationship through the spread of unfair allegations, misinformation or hatred.


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