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Piggery, honey, seaweed, noni farmer’s start receiving ESP offer

Honey farmers are amongst those benefiting from ESP.
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THE latest group of local farmers around the country started receiving their offer under the Government’s Economic Stimulus Package today.

The farmers are from the outskirts of Honiara and the provinces.

It was confirmed that following the approval of selected genuine applicants last week, the committee is currently in contact with successful recipients for piggery projects in Honiara together with successful applicants for project on Honey, seaweed and Noni throughout the country to collect their offer letter and sign their agreement.

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This process will continue throughout this week.

According to the ESP oversight committee, not all the recipients will receive support in the form of cash because the funds will be transferred to selected suppliers for tools and equipment and will be collected by recipients.

The committee further also reiterated that all applications had gone through a strict screening process and as a result, not all recipients will receive the exact amount of financial support that they had applied for.

“This is because the technical committee, during the screening process have to do a due diligence check to ensure that certain applications are getting the necessary support according to their proposals,” the statement said.

Hence, upon signing the agreement, it said recipients are advised to review their project activity plans and submit an invoice to the committee before their actual support is rendered.

Meanwhile, approval of applications under Cocoa, Copra and Seaweed projects have also been completed and this will be followed by projects under Tourism, Piggery from the rest of the Provinces and also Fisheries, Timber Milling, and Vegetable Farming.

Recipients will be contacted accordingly.

The committee expects to complete the implementation of the ESP by the end of next week.

“As stated in the agreement, all recipients of the ESP are obliged to report to the committee during the monitoring stage that their funds they receive are utilised accordingly to the stated purpose that they had applied for,” it said.

The Committee is also working hard to secure a software program in order to publicly make available all the lists of the recipients and the entire database of the ESP. 

The Committee confirms that this will include all the lists of applications received, those that are approved and those that are not approved. 

Furthermore, it said as soon as the software program is procured and data’s are loaded into the program, the Government will launch the program in early November and information can be retrieved online by the public. 

“The Committee wishes to clarify that it is not the intention of the Government to withheld the implementation information of the ESP, and it is the requirement of all the donors who supported the ESP to publicly made information available,” it said.

The statement said the Government is fully committed to the successful implementation of the ESP through the committee in the interest of national stability and economic recovery.



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