Home Politics Opposition Leader will not engage with faceless cowards behind faceless statements

Opposition Leader will not engage with faceless cowards behind faceless statements

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THE Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale will not stoop low and respond to faceless statements from the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC).

Press Secretary to Opposition Leader Douglas Marau advised today that the Opposition Leader is not interested in engaging with faceless cowards behind faceless statements from the OPMC.

“We do not want to involve in cheap propaganda with the intention to score political points so do not waste your time. Only cowards hide behind faceless Press Statements,” he said.

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Marau said there are important matters of public interest raised in Parliament and in the media by the Opposition that the OPMC should spend more time responding to.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Press Secretary said he is still waiting for a response from the OPMC on the request from the Opposition inviting the OPMC for a ‘National Leaders’ Debate’ session.

“I have written to the OPMC 3 weeks ago on behalf of the Opposition Leader inviting the Prime Minister to a National Leader’s Debate. We believe it will be a good opportunity to have both leaders on the podium engaging with the people through a healthy media debate and discussions on the current affairs live on radio, TV and social media. It will be the first of its kind and we hope OPMC will respond to our request positively rather than wasting time in engaging in their failed childish and cheap PR stunts,” he said.


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