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Newly Appointed Fisheries Advisory Council holds first meeting

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Honiara, 28 June 2023: The newly appointed Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC) wasted no time in familiarizing themselves with their roles and responsibilities.

During their first meeting, the Heads of Divisions and Programmes from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) provided important updates on important fisheries matters for the FAC’s noting and considerations.  

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The FAC, consisting of accomplished individuals with diverse expertise in fisheries, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating closely with the MFMR.

Their main objective is to provide valuable advice to the Minister, aiding informed decision-making in fisheries management, protection and development.

 The FAC’s focus areas include sustainable fishing practices, marine resource conservation, addressing climate change impacts on fisheries, and promoting responsible aquaculture.

They acknowledged their crucial role in ensuring the long-term viability of the fisheries sector. The FAC emphasized collaboration and engagement with stakeholders through public consultations, workshops, and awareness campaigns.

They understand the weight of their responsibilities and aim to develop effective policies that address the sector’s challenges.

With dedication and expertise, they strive for sustainable and equitable fisheries management in the Solomon Islands.

The FAC is ready to embark on their mission, fulfilling their mandate to steward the nation’s marine resources and fisheries responsibly.

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