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New water tanker truck to serve Lata hospital

Water tank truck ready for shipment to Lata hospital, Temotu Province
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The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is indeed grateful towards the government and people of Japan for the successful procurement, shipment and delivery of a water tanker truck that is ready to be deployed to serve Lata hospital in Temotu Province.

Lata hospital has been facing severe water shortages more especially during dry season, making it difficult for health workers to safely carryout their work but also for the both staff and patient’s water needs.

Water plays crucial functions in health facilities from general applications such as drinking, bathing of patients, washing of linen, utensils, hand hygiene, cooking and toilet to specialized operations such as medical equipment cleaning disinfection, sterilization etc.

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Recognizing this need, the Ministry of Health have mobilized support from the Japan Embassy in Honiara via the current Japan’s Grant Aid for Economic and Social Development Program for the Solomon Islands for the purchase of the truck.

Deputy Secretary Health Care Dr Gregory Jilini responsible for the provinces said that the truck will go a long way in serving the water needs of staff and patients at the Lata hospital.

He thanked the Government of Japan for the support and assured that the vehicle will be taken good care of to ensure longevity in its operations.

Dr Jilini explained that assessing and addressing needs of our health workers and facilities in the provinces remains top priority of the Ministry and one that is guided by the Role Delineation Policy.

“As much as possible we are moving more support in terms of supplies and expertise to the provinces to bolster health service quality for the majority of our population there. It is very challenging however be rest assured that we will do our very best.

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