Home Breaking News New record as coldest night of 17.4 degrees celcius recorded in Rennell

New record as coldest night of 17.4 degrees celcius recorded in Rennell

Rennell recorded the coldest temperature ever recorded this morning
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Last night was the coldest or lowest temperature recorded in the country with Tingoa station in Rennell & Bellona Province recording 17.4 degrees surpassing the previously of 19 degrees also recorded in the same station.

Director of Solomon Islands Meteorological Service David Hiba Hiriasia told SBMOnline that at 5am this morning, Tingoa recorded 17.4 deg celcius, which is now the lowest recorded temperature in the Solomon Islands.

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He said all the other stations recorded temperatures between 21 to 23 and only Munda with the highest temperature of 26 degrees early this morning.

“Country’s lowest temperature that was previously recorded in Tingoa of 19 deg celcius has been broken last night,” Hiriasia told SBMOnline today.

He explained that the cold temperature that is continued to be experienced is due to the cold air from Tasman sea been advected towards the country.

Hiriasia said a very strong high pressure of 1021hPa over Eastern Australia is enhancing the easterly trade winds that are bringing the cold air from the Tasman Sea.

“This is the typical weather pattern around August and September,” he added.

The capital city has also been experienced cold mornings in the previous days but today it was a bit colder than usual.


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