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CSSI applauds for good record

MPNSCS Deputy Director for Policy and Planning, Danny Lehe Photo: MPNSCS Media
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The Ministry of Police, National Security & Correction Services (MPNSCS) has acknowledged the Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) for producing a good record.

MPNSCS Deputy Director for Policy and Planning, Danny Lehe, when delivering his remarks on behalf of the MPNSCS during the closing of the 17th Senior Managers Strategic Planning Conference on Friday, said CSSI so far has been able to produce such a good record amongst its officers.

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“I must applaud the organisation so far for providing a good record in terms of discipline and behaviour.”

“This is the fundamental basis of this organisation, and therefore, I would like to encourage senior management and commissioners to continue instilling good discipline and training amongst your officers, as they are the proud bearers of your uniform.”

Mr. Lehe told the CSSI participants that they’re part of the discipline force and that their call to service is a noble calling.

“Unlike other ministries, your area of responsibility has an effect on our society and social fabric.”

“Meaning that if you fail to deliver properly in your service, the legal repercussions will be great; if you fail to deliver on your part, society will be affected; if you fail to deliver on your part, there will be chaos in our society.”

“The correctional service not only reprimands offenders and rehabilitates inmates, but it also exists to ensure that the social order of society is maintained and peace and order are upheld.”

“Therefore, when you go back to your families, please understand that your service is not only to the organisation but to the whole population of Solomon Islanders, who sleep safely at night knowing that their safety and security are guaranteed by your officers, who have served this country professionally.”

Mr. Lehe said the one-week training last week provided a platform for CSSI senior managers to discuss matters of importance for the organisation.

“I am happy to note that over the course of this one week you have discussed and shared common challenges, provided lessons learned, evaluated your biannual performance against the annual business plan, and reviewed and reprioritized programmes for 2024.

“These are no easy tasks, and I am hopeful that what has been discussed will be translated into actual programmes for the organisation.

“We must be mindful that the true success of any meeting is its ability to deliver on its recommendations.

“Therefore, I hope that after this meeting you will go back to your respective stations.” “The executive management and ministry together should work hard to ensure that what has been discussed is actually translated into actionable items for the organisations,” he said.

On the same note, Mr. Lehe also commended the Australian Government for supporting the Ministry in organising this meeting.

“It has not been easy in our current financial climate, but with your support, we are able to convene such important meetings.”

“In fact, Australia has always been a main supporter of the CSSI programmes throughout their strategic development phases as a correctional institution.” “Thank you; your continuous support is very much appreciated,” he said.

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