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NCW urges PM to cancel SI-China Security Treaty

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NCW President Ella Kauhue speaking to the media today

The National Council of Women (NCW) in a united voice today urges the government to cancel the security treaty with China—expressing their staunch opposition to the deal as it is unnecessary as “we don’t need it.(treaty with China”

At the same time, the women organization conveyed their disappointment on the lack of consultation on the agreement and demands Manasseh Sogavare cancels the treaty or he steps down as the prime minister.

President of NCW of Women Ella Kauhue said women of this nation have been spectators on many issues as the government has decided not to talk to them – but they are not going to sit-down and watch any longer. Today’s event was attended by NCW of and most of its members.

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She declares that this is the beginning of more actions that they will take to express their disapproval on the security treaty.

Kauhue said women makes up half of the population of this country but they remain spectators’ on important issues, including the Solomon-China Security treaty.

 “We feel that we are not part of the process. We are concern. Even the Prime Minister says there will be no military base here but opening this country for police from China, armed forces from China—we are not happy about that. We are very concerned because our values are different from theirs. We will not stop here. We will keep talking,” she told the journalists who attended the press conference this afternoon.

Another key member of NCW and representative of the West ‘Are’Are Rokotanikeni Association (WARA) Rose Isukana in support of the president stated that: Our collect voice is by entering into agreement does not stop the Prime Minister from cancelling it for the sake of this nation. If not, he needs to step down. He is abusing the very power that this nation puts in his hands.”

Isukana said for the women of this nation, the security agreement with China is a critical concern.

“Women of this nation made-up of half the population and none of the women came across the issue until it came in the media. It’s really sad,” she said.

Similarly, Rose Angilabata joined he colleagues in expressing her opposition and that of the young women in the country.

“Our concern is for the future generation of this country. People had not been consulted by the government. The security agreement must be cancelled,” she said.

Another women leader Ruth Liloqula in articulating her disagreement to the treaty underscored that security is our sovereignty.

“We must not give it to another country to do it,” she said. Instead, she said, “we must do it ourselves.”

By giving it away is like: “We are selling the sovereignty of this country.”

Liloqula also expressed her surprise stating that some politicians have stayed so long in parliament but yet they don’t understand the difference between state and government.

“They are encroaching into the authority of the state which belongs to the people and not them. We will not stop talking.”

Liloqula said if Sogavare is so concerned about the security of the country then he should ask China to help them address the underlying issues that cause the social disorder that resulted in, rioting, looting, protests.

Equally, Isukana stated that the social unrests and riots are messages which the government must address.

The SI-China Treaty which was already initialed had attracted waves of concern and opposition throughout the Pacific since it was leaked late last month.

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