Home News Nation suffers from Government’s reckless handling of minerals: Wale

Nation suffers from Government’s reckless handling of minerals: Wale

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The Leader of the Opposition Matthew Wale has lamented over Government’s reckless handling of the new nickel mining activities.

Hon. Wale expressed his sadness over the significant lack of knowledge and oversight by the Government in this sector.

Speaking in Parliament, Hon. Wale questioned the Minister of Mines about the indicative market value of nickel and other valuable minerals that might be lost in the process of exporting.

However, both the Minister of Mines and the Minister of Finance were unable to provide clear answers on the price and the type of other associated minerals that were being exported.

“I am extremely sad. For our landowners, provinces, and the nation,” Wale stated.

“Our Nation is losing money, our Provinces are losing money, the people are losing money, and we still have not gotten our act together,” Hon. Wale exclaimed.

Hon. Wale stressed that Government’s actions have left us vulnerable and exposed to more revenue loss.

“How is it that the first ship has already set sail, carrying away our land, yet we remain in the dark about the precious minerals it takes with it? We ought to have known this information before the first shovel hit the ground” Wale highlighted.

Hon. Wale concluded that Government should stop the mining and shipments until there is a clear understanding of the relevant information and regulations in place.

“Unlike akwa that may grow back in 20 or 30 years, our ground shipped to China will never return” Wale said.

“This is a mismanagement of the country’s strategic resources. We do not have many of it, and so what we have, we must get the best for it for all stakeholders’ Hon. Wale concluded.

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