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MPA Saki supports three communities in his ward

MPA John Lee Saki in cut shirt handing over the speakers and bags of cement to his people
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Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Ghaobata Ward in North Guadalcanal John Lee Saki has again provided small community assistances for his people.

Papagu community members receiving the sawn timbers
Papagu community members receiving the sawn timbers.

Saki last week provided pieces of sawn timbers to Papagu Church, musical speakers to St. John Veuru church and bags of cement to Old Selwyn community.

He explains that these assistances are based on the requests by the communities channeled through the ward development committee.

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Saki adds that with the little provincial grant on hand, he ensures that most of the communities are benefiting in a small way.

The Provincial Member for Ghaobata ward calls on his people to appreciate the little assistances provided as resources are not enough to cater for everyone’s requests.

Saki also highlights that people need to be made aware that provincial grants are no longer accessed by MPAs as the it now goes directly to ward development committees.

“In the case of Ghaobata ward, the grant goes directly to the WDCs and I merely coordinate and oversee the handing-overs,” he explains.

Saki stresses that given that the appropriate law has restricted the use of provincial grants to WDCs, MPAs are struggling when ward members request personal assistances such as school fees, bus fares, support for deaths and so forth.

“As MPAs, the only funds available in our discretion is our salary, other than that, there’s nothing,” Saki adds.

The Ghaobata ward MPA said most of the times he has to fork out money from his own pocket to cater for personal requests from individuals in Ghaobata ward.

Saki reiterates the call for his people to understand that the little resources available in hand to cater for their needs.

“I urge my people of Ghaobata to appreciate the small assistances I could offer,” Saki states.

The MPA adds that he will continue to assist his people up until the end of the year.

Ghaobata ward in North Guadalcanal Constituency is the only ward in the constituency and Saki won the Provincial Assembly seat in a landslide victory in the last provincial election.

Ghaobata Ward Press Release


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